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learn the strategies I get paid to use and teach

Did you say...

Marketing is expensive

If I gave you a machine which when you put in Ksh. 1,000 it gives you Ksh. 5,000 would you say putting in Ksh. 1,000 is expensive? When your marketing is working it's worth the cost. This marketing method shows you 3 marketing buttons to push for a 297% profit increase
Marketing is complicated

As a self-preservation tactic, marketing experts use jargon and make things complicated. I like to keep it simple, practical and fun. No one knows a business better than the business owner. Being a business marketer who owns the business is like being a pilot who owns the sky 
My customers don't "get it"

Have you recently seen and promptly ignored a marketing message? When marketing doesn't speak the language of the customer the customer will not "get it". Learn how to speak your customers language and design your message to get their attention
I need to hire a marketing consultant
You wouldn't hire a consultant to raise your child. Your business is like a child you need to raise. Learn best practice and put it to work in your company. What I share is battle tested best practice, which you will use to raise your business

Make Your Online Marketing Work
Are you a business owner looking to use online marketing effectively to attract and acquire new customers? Understand how to identify the right audience and target them with content that captures their attention so that they click the link or make that call towards getting your products and services? You’ve come to the right place.

I created this exclusive webclass to guide you in creating a marketing plan that will make your online marketing efforts more effective and give you a better return on your efforts and advertising budget. You’ll learn the framework I use and coach business owners on, to help them grow and scale their businesses on the biggest marketplace in the world – social media. 
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Meet Your Coach-Jacqui
10x Marketing Coach To Business Leaders
                   It's crazy how obsessed I am with online marketing but it's because it gives us business owners, a platform to reach customers at the tips of our fingers. A platform that we can use when we launch our offers or to get a consistent stream of leads and new customers for our existing offers. 

There's no day (I kid you not), when I'm not learning, testing, reading and thinking of how to take online marketing in Africa to the next level. 

Online marketing success for your business depends on the quality leads and conversions it generates and I'll show you the strategies I get paid to do for others and use in my business. We do it practically so you can begin to use what you learn to grow your business. 

So let's do this! and make your till number busy. 
❤️ from a few fans
Wendy Njoroge 
Books And Wine 
Jacqui came at a critical moment in my business when we were experiencing churn. We were able to drill deeper into our strategy and identify gaps that we addressed. She is thorough and makes learning thought provoking and interesting
Kanyi Ohawa 
All And Sundry Designs
I love how Jacqui is able to break it down for me in a way I can quickly understand. The lessons have been practical and easy to follow. She is very passionate about what she does and has been invaluable to me and my business!
Muthoni Njogu 
Sakina Wellness Center
I appreciate the down to earth strategies that Jacqui offers which are backed by research and years of experience and expertise. I have been able to zero in on my niche and understand the unique offerings that my business has
Sheilla Chelangat 
Digital Customer Experience
The program was very informative and interactive. The live sessions created a good platform to interact with others and the video tutorials greatly broadened my understanding
And companies helped
10X Your Business 
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learn the strategies I get paid to use and teach
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